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Canada’s Post-COVID Economic Recovery Focuses On Record Levels Of Immigration

Canada’s post-COVID Economic Recovery Focuses on Record Levels of Immigration

Canada is increasing the number of immigrants it will welcome into the country to record levels as part of a plan to mitigate the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. This plan was revealed as the country faces a second wave of the virus that is expected to get worse as the country settles into the winter months.
Joorney Canada’s Year In Review: 2019 Program Statistics

Joorney Canada’s Year in Review: 2019 Program Statistics

At Joorney Canada, we’re passionate about business immigration and it shows. Although we offer a variety of business plans as well as other business planning services, 94% of our activity last year was related to Canadian business immigration.
How Canadian Immigration Can Make The Canadian Dollar Stronger

How Canadian Immigration Can Make the Canadian Dollar Stronger

Immigration is rapidly becoming a powerful force in Canada. In the third quarter of 2019, the Canadian population grew by 208,234. This growth, from July 1 – Oct 1, 2019, is the first time in history the Canadian population has increased by over 200,000 in a single quarter since such statistics have been captured beginning in 1971. This population increase is largely a result of immigration, which accounts for 83% of the total increase. The remaining 17% is attributed to natural increases; the net difference of births and deaths in the time period.
How To Avoid Business Plan Mistakes

How To Avoid Business Plan Mistakes

Show them the right business description, and you will raise more funds than you need and certainly avoid any business plan mistakes. Some of the best crowdfunding projects are able to raise up to 100 times what they’ve targeted based only on a product description and no business model.
The Secret Behind A Successful Business Plan

The Secret Behind A Successful Business Plan

The Story of a Meta Business Plan - How To Avoid The Paradigm of the Cash Flow Entrepreneur. Explaining what is a business plan and what it takes to create a successful Business Plan means explaining the very reason for our Company’s existence.
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