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An Overview Of The Start-Up Visa Beyond Receiving The Letter Of Support

An Overview of the Start-Up Visa Beyond Receiving the Letter of Support

While the letter of support is a vital part of the Start-up Visa in Canada, there are several other key steps to consider along your path. Learn from Upasana Sharma, founder of IQ Canada, a firm that helps foreign innovators along every step of their journey into Canada, as she discusses the full process.
The Answers To The Top 6 Questions Asked By Our Partners

The Answers to the Top 6 Questions Asked by Our Partners

In Canada, we work closely with immigration consultants and lawyers to help their business immigration clients produce the documents they need to complete their visa applications. When interacting with new or potential partners, we’re routinely asked the same questions. In order to address these questions and clarify regular curiosities of our partners, we put on a webinar to cover it all in depth.
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