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A curated list of buyers for your sale

Starting priceC$2,600

Days until first draft:5 Business Days

Amount:200 verified contacts

Rush Services Available


  • Flat Rate Pricing (not hourly)
  • Excel workbook


The first challenge in an acquisition process is finding buyers for your business! Our team of experts will make a detailed, targeted buyers list to help you find the best deal for your business for sale.

Lists are:

  • Carefully curated by industry & business type
  • Include strategic & financial buyers
  • Contain detailed contact information

Secure a List of Potential Buyers

Experts at Joorney are using all of the available resources to make comprehensive lists of possible buyers for your business. They are giving special attention to the business type and industry, and are making lists accordingly.

Joorney’s buyers lists are made with two types of buyers in mind:

Strategic buyers – those looking to acquire companies in the same industry they’re operating in.
Financial buyers – investors primarily interested in business’s cash flow capabilities and an ROI.

Each list includes all the necessary contact information as well as a specific point of contact for all of the buyers. Pricing starts at C$2,600 for lists that contain 200 verified contacts. The amount of contacts per list can vary depending on the data from our subscription databases.

Our team has a lot of experience in making buyers lists and we’re ready to make one for you too!

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