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Capital Raising Writing Services

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Capital Raise Advisory Services

When seeking to raise equity capital, sell your business, or acquire or merge with a competitor, it is important to have experienced partners by your side. Our capital raising advisory service makes the time-consuming, complex process seem simple and gives you the support and confidence you need to pursue your business and financial goals.


  • We have the skills required to obtain funds quickly and efficiently through the most appropriate channels.

Capital Raising and M&A Assistance

Once you’ve made the decision to raise capital to get your business off the ground, restructure, or expand taking the next steps can intimidating. This is especially true for those who have never been through the process before and do not have the experience or established network to get a foot in the door or determine the best parties to approach. Joorney’s senior consultants know how to choose the right potential partners to approach, whether it be angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, hedge funds, or any other equity source. We have the experience and know-how to efficiently navigate the capital raising process to get you the funds you need.

The capital raising process consists of:

  • Evaluating and validating current proposal and other marketing materials
  • Creating additional marketing materials (if required)
  • Selecting list of best funding sources within our network to approach
  • Distributing business proposals and marketing materials
  • Managing the process of follow-ups and arranging meetings
  • Obtaining letters of intent (LOI)
  • Leading (or assisting) in due diligence and negotiation
  • Concluding and finalizing deal

In addition to capital raising, Joorney Advisors also specialize in the mergers and acquisitions process. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

Experience & Connections Matter!

When it comes to raising capital, you need the right connections and know-how. Our experts understand investors.

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Capital Raising and M&A Assistance
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