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Financial Modeling Services

Starting priceC$5,000

Days until first draft:10-15 working days

Rush Services Available


  • Flat rate pricing (not hourly)
  • 4 Revisions
  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • Financial model workbook in Excel


A financial modeling is a process of predicting a business's future financial state and therefore is an important part of potential M&A transactions.

Our M&A financial models will better understand:

  • Potential synergies when two companies are combined
  • Margins analysis
  • Potential acquisition finance structures including LBO, all cash, cash + shares, etc.

Financial Model Consultant

Financial modeling is used to predict a certain outcome for a business or project. It uses mathematical equations to create financial projections based on various assumptions. Multiple projections can be modeled as variables in the equation, which can be changed to make more than one projection. Making assumptions and using them to change the variables creates different potential financial scenarios. These scenarios range from best to worst, and all of them are important to potential investors and buyers.

Financial projections have a great impact in M&A procedures. Investors and/or buyers greatly base their decision on them. They are a significant document that can show how certain decisions or events can influence business’s cash flow and consequently investors/buyers’ ROI. 

Experts at Joorney have a lot of experience in making financial models and are ready to use their expertise to make them for your business too. Using their vast knowledge of business and finance, they will be able to model financial projections that can closely and accurately predict your business’s financial outcome.

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Financial Model Consultant
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