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BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category Suspended & How Entrepreneurs Can Continue to Immigrate via the BC Provincial Nominee Program

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To the surprise of many, the BC Government announced that the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) – Base Category has been suspended. The announcement came on July 19, 2021, affecting future plans for many hopeful Canadian business immigrants.

This program was developed to allow entrepreneurs to immigrate to British Columbia to start new businesses and purchase and develop existing organizations. The current BC Provincial Nominee Program EI – Base Category was introduced in 2015.

Regardless of this setback, not all hope is lost for international entrepreneurs hoping to immigrate to Canada. There are still several ways that business immigrants can settle in BC through the BC Provincial Nominee Program. With the help of a professional business plan, immigrants can even be accepted through other channels under the BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration stream that remains open.

Want to know more about the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category suspension and how foreign entrepreneurs can continue to immigrate to BC?

Here are the facts.

What We Know About the Suspension of the BC PNP EI - Base Category

Not a lot of information has been provided regarding the recent suspension of BC’s Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category. However, we do know that this is likely only a temporary pause in the program.

The Government of BC notes that this suspension is not permanent; it is a recess to allow for a review of the program.

Here are a few more things you should know about this temporary suspension:

  • Changes apply to new registrants only – Therefore, applications for the BC PNP EI – Base Category that were received after July 19th, 2021 are the only ones that will be impacted.
  • The suspension will only impact the BC PNP EI – Base Category – Other BC PNP streams, including the EI – Regional Pilot, are not affected.

Why has the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration - Base Category Been Suspended?

According to WelcomeBC, the immigration program has been temporarily suspended to allow time for a review of the program. The BC Government cites COVID-19 and its lasting impact on the BC economy, as the main reasons for this review and the sudden decision to halt applications. 

In the wake of the worldwide pandemic, economic priorities have shifted. The BC Government would like to “ensure [the program] continues to meet its objectives to support government priorities and economic recovery…”

When Will the Suspension Be Lifted?

An exact date for when the program will be reinstated has not yet been provided. However, an update on the program and when registration will resume is expected in early 2022.

How Business Immigrants Can Continue To Apply Through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian business immigrants will be happy to know that this suspension will not affect other BC Provincial Nominee Program pathways, including the BC PNP EI – Regional Pilot.

Under the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration stream, two categories remain open and will continue to accept applications. Open categories include.

  • BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects Category

This program allows foreign companies to send key employees to BC to help establish business operations.

This program allows business immigrants to settle in less populated areas throughout the province. As one of BC’s most popular pathways to permanent residency, this program has been extended to March 2024.

Additional BC PNP pathways are also available, including:

  • Skills Immigration (SI) Pathway

The SI pathway allows experienced and qualified individuals with skills in high-demand occupations to immigrate to BC. All SI categories are currently open.

  • Express Entry BC (EEBC) Pathway

The EEBC is similar to the Skills Immigration pathway, allowing immigrants with skills and experience in high-demand industries to settle in the province.

Increase Your Chances of a Successful Application with the Help of Joorney Canada

Regardless of the BC immigration program you choose to pursue, Joorney Canada is here to help.

Our professional business plan writers will ensure that your BCPNP Business Concept (the first step in securing immigration through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur stream) is unique and memorable, helping you secure a better chance at immigration.

In the case that you would like to apply through BC’s Regional Pilot Program, our experienced team will also benefit your case. Our professional writers will help you obtain a referral from a participating BC community with a polished BC PNP – Regional Pilot Business Plan that meets and exceeds all community requirements.

To learn more about BCPNP options and requirements, check out our BC PNP Overview or contact Joorney today.

In addition, please be sure to consult an immigration professional regarding other avenues for permanent residency. These professionals will guide you through the immigration process and help you determine if there are additional federal business immigration programs that could allow you to immigrate to BC.

Joorney is happy to work alongside immigration lawyers and consultants to provide business plan support for federal business immigration programs too so that you can submit a professional and successful immigration application!

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