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Canada: An Attractive Alternative to U.S. Business Immigration

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Are you a hopeful U.S. business immigrant? If so, recent delays in the immigration application and approval process have likely caught your attention.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business immigrants looking to relocate to the United States have been impacted. Applications, interviews, and appointments have been delayed because of office closures or limited operations at consulates and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

USCIS is working tirelessly to reschedule appointments and interviews and to process the backlog of applications as quickly as possible. However, individuals may experience delays of up to fourteen months for some services, including the processing of green cards. On average, applicants can expect a two-month delay.

This being said, not all hope is lost for timely business immigration. As a result of these delays, many U.S. hopefuls are turning to Canada.

Next Stop, Canada

Canada is an attractive alternative to the United States. Immigrating to Canada also provides a feasible temporary option while awaiting U.S. residency. For many immigrants, Canada is enticing because it is similar to the United States in many ways. Additionally, its proximity to the U.S. makes it an appealing location.

In addition to the lengthy processing and approval times in the U.S., immigrants, especially foreign workers, have focused their sights on Canada due to the strong response of local and federal governments during COVID-19. Many praise the Canadian government for their handling of the pandemic and have opted to immigrate to Canada as a result.

Above all, Canada offers a great opportunity for business immigrants. Not only does the country provide various business immigration programs, but Canada is also known to give priority to business-based applications. On top of this, the Canadian government is currently aiming to accept more than 400,000 permanent residents per year for the next three years. This provides ample opportunity for those hoping to immigrate.

Canadian Business Immigration Programs

The programs below are some of the most popular among Canadian immigrants. These programs are great options for foreign entrepreneurs and individuals with specialized knowledge.

Start-Up Visa

The Canada Startup Visa Immigration Program was developed for foreign entrepreneurs. It is a very popular option for new immigrants who wish to launch a new venture in Canada.

To secure permanent residency through the Start-Up Visa program, immigrant entrepreneurs must have an innovative idea that will create jobs for Canadian citizens and can compete on a global scale. They must also meet certain language requirements and have the financial means to reside in Canada. Under this program, immigrants can live in any province or territory except Quebec.

The program also requires applicants to secure a letter of support from a designated organization. This organization must be an approved Canadian angel investor group, venture capitalist, or business incubator.

For many immigrants, this letter is the most difficult Start-Up Visa requirement to fulfill. This is because a business plan must be submitted to approved organizations in order to garner their support. Business plan writing is complex and most organizations will require a specific format, as well as other types of documents.

While the task of appealing to designated organizations may seem daunting, Joorney Canada is here to help make the processes easier and less time-consuming for you. Most importantly, a professionally written pitch deck or investor business plan will showcase your business in a way that attracts the attention of potential investors. This will help you secure the letter of support that you need to be approved for a Start-Up Visa.

Self-Employed Persons Program

If you are a self-employed immigrant looking to come to Canada, you may be eligible through the Self-Employed Persons Program. To meet eligibility requirements, an applicant must be self-employed in a cultural or athletic field. Admissible applicants include authors, performing artists, craftspeople, etc.

Points are awarded to applicants who meet specific standards in the areas of work experience, education, financial background, and language. The more points an applicant earns, the more likely they will be approved.

Applicants must demonstrate the value of their work via a self-employed business plan. This Self-Employed Persons Program Business Plan can have a significant impact on whether an applicant is approved or not. Therefore, the self-employed business plan must clearly demonstrate the individual’s ability to significantly contribute to cultural activities or athletics in Canada.

ICT Canada (Intra-Company Transferee) Program

The ICT Canada Program allows an individual to immigrate to Canada as an employee of a foreign company. The individual must be an executive, manager, or highly skilled employee who is sent to work for an associated branch, subsidiary, or affiliate. Although not applicable to individuals from all countries, the Intra-Company Transfer Program is suitable for many highly-skilled employees who are coming to work in Canada to help develop or improve their employers’ businesses. The transferee must have worked for the foreign company for one year (within the last three years) before applying for this work permit.

The goal of the ICT Canada program is to benefit the country by enhancing Canadian businesses with the help of highly trained persons. Therefore, an ICT application must effectively demonstrate relevant work experience and how the immigrant will benefit the business and the Canadian economy.

A successful ICT Canada Program application requires a strong Intra-Company Transfer Visa business plan. Joorney Canada can help by preparing a detailed and appealing ICT business plan that will help ensure the best chances of approval.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

If you are willing to start your business in a specific province or territory, Provincial Nominee Programs are also available. To date, PNPs are in place in all provinces and territories except Quebec and Nunavut.

The Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada are managed by individual provinces and territories. While each province and territory will have its own unique set of requirements, PNPs, in general, seek individuals who will bring significant and positive benefits to the province or territory in which they are settling. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate their educational background, as well as work experience and specific skills.

For those seeking to apply to the Provincial Nominee Program through a business or entrepreneurial stream, a professionally written PNP business plan is essential. As one of our most common business plan types, Joorney Canada can help hopeful immigrants develop an effective business plan for any PNP.

The Immigration Experts at Joorney Canada Are Here to Help

Whether you need assistance with your Start-Up Visa business plan, Self-Employed business plan, ICT Canada business plan, or PNP business plan, Joorney Canada is here to help.

With Joorney on your side, you can rest assured that your document will be meticulously crafted by professional business plan writers who have helped countless business immigrants enter Canada and the United States.

Have more questions about any of the Canadian business immigration programs above? Give us a shout – our team is happy to help!

Disclaimer: Joorney Business Plans Canada is not an immigration consultant, lawyer, or advisor and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from the use of this information. If you require more information about a program or your specific immigration case, please contact a registered immigration professional.

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