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Webinar - StartUp Visa Getting The Letter Of Support

The Startup Visa: Getting the Letter of Support

The Startup Visa is a popular program in Canada for foreign innovators and entrepreneurs. We’ve teamed up with Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA), a leading designated organization, to learn more about how this program works. Join us as we sit down with Marshall Ring, MTA’s CEO, as we aim to answer the most pressing questions about the Startup Visa process, what it takes to obtain the letter of support, and how MTA supports promising technology businesses in their development and growth.
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The Answers To The Top 6 Questions Asked By Our Partners - Featured Heading

The Answers to the Top 6 Questions Asked by Our Partners

In Canada, we work closely with immigration consultants and lawyers to help their business immigration clients produce the documents they need to complete their visa applications. When interacting with new or potential partners, we’re routinely asked the same questions. In order to address these questions and clarify regular curiosities of our partners, we put on a webinar to cover it all in depth.
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Expert Advice from Phil Mooney Regarding the Recent Changes to the LMIA Owner Operator Program

The official ESDC announcement made in February regarding changes to the Labour Marketing Impact Assessment (LMIA) Owner Operator program raised more questions than it answered. In order to help our partners, clients, and potential immigrants considering the program better understand these changes, we invited Canadian immigration expert Phil Mooney to discuss this issue in depth in a live webinar.
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Changes To The LMIA Owner Operator - Featured Image

Recent Changes Reshape Owner Operator LMIA But There Are Alternatives

On February 18 it was officially announced that as of April 1, 2021, special processing instructions for the owner/operator category of the LMIA will be removed. Although the program will still technically exist, the removal of this special processing effectively cancels the owner operator program, as it will now follow the criteria of the regular LMIA.
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