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Celebrating and Advancing the Immigration Consulting Profession in Canada at CAPIC NCIC 2022

Joorney Canada | Conference| CAPIC

We had a blast at the recently held CAPIC’s National Citizenship and Immigration Conference (NCIC) 2022 in Ottawa on May 26th and 27th, 2022.

Our team was there both in person as well as virtually.

 Marianella Manzur and Uros Sajkic were very excited to finally meet and chat with our partners in person after a two-year break. The rest of our team were on CAPIC’s virtual platform, meeting and chatting with the ones who also were online.

NCIC is the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

It was an honor to once again sponsor this event and have the opportunity to expand and share knowledge and network in the immigration industry, specifically with immigration and citizenship consultants in Canada! 

Our team attended the Gala dinner, where they had an evening of conversation, networking, and celebration as this year’s Ivor Carvalho Award recipient was honored.

Our team had a great time and we’re excited to share some of our favorite moments!

marianella manzur and uros sajkic at CAPIC 2022
joorney at NCIC 2022

Marianella had a great time finally chatting with Upasana Sharma, the founder, and CEO of IQ Canada, in person. Upasana has already collaborated with us on two very successful webinars! She is a great friend and partner and should be the first person you reach out to for a Start-Up Visa. Also, it was great to meet Neerja Bhandari, an active CAPIC member for the last seven years, in person. She was a speaker at the session “Fair or Not – Procedural Fairness.”

Our team was thrilled to join Phil Mooney and his wife for dinner. It was a great honor to spend some quality time with a pioneer of Canadian immigration, who served as CAPIC president for over three years.

marianella manzur and upasana sharma at NCIC 2022
Marianella Manzur with Upasana Sharma and Neerja Bhandari
Phil Mooney with Joorney team at capic 2022
Marianella Manzur and Uros Sajkic with Phil Mooney and his wife

We want to thank Anoo Lal “Just2Canada”, our great partner, with whom we have done a lot of LMIA programs as well as provincial nominee applications, for visiting our booth and for the great conversation we had.

Dennis Brazolot also met us for a great chat.  He is our valuable partner, a regulated member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), and a Commissioner of Oaths, who also established WILLIS BRAZOLOT & CO.

Anoo Lal and Joorney team at NCIC 2022
Marianella Manzur and Uros Sajkic with Anoo Lal
Dennis Brazolot and Marianella Manzur at NCIC 2022
Marianella Manzur with Dennis Brazolot

David Mendez-Rodriguez, the CEO of the most important immigration firm in Mexico and Latin America, also visited our booth. Thank you David for the great time we had.

During the panel, we met one of our great partners for C11 LMIA, Shafoli Kapour, a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Thank you Shafoli for the great collaboration!

David Mendez and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with David Mendez – Rodriguez
Shafoli Kapour and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with Shafoli Kapour

Here are the images with other great partners, clients, and friends we had the privilege to spend some time with during the event!

Keri Lynn and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC NCIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with Keri-Lynn Culver, Case Manager at Beaver Immigration Consulting
Kubair Kamal Lalwani and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC NCIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with Kubeir Kamal, the founder of Ask Kubeir Immigration
Jebunnessa and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC NCIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with Jebunnesa Chowdhury, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) & Founder at JChowdhury Immigration Services INC.
Louise Willis and Uros Sajkic at CAPIC NCIC 2022
Uros Sajkic with Louise Willis, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at Canadian Visa Specialist
Joorney Business Plans at CAPIC 2022 NCIC
Gala dinner at CAPIC 2022

We thank not only our existing partners but also all of the new consultants we were able to meet.  We look forward to continuing to pave the way forward in Canadian immigration, specifically business immigration, with you all!

And, of course, thank you to CAPIC for another year of bringing immigration consultants together and the valuable, insightful, and thought-provoking sessions!

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