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How a Mid-sized Law Firm Has Succeeded by Partnering with Joorney

Joorney Partner Program | Immigration Business Plans 

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done? That’s what we at Joorney Canada often observe when we reach out to immigration lawyers. These lawyers work day and night — not only taking care of all the legal aspects of their clients’ files but also taking on the immigration business plan writing as well.

When we reach out, these lawyers are often hesitant to outsource their business plan writing. Many lawyers think, “Why would I outsource when I can write these business plans myself?” However, they soon come to realize that there is a very good reason to delegate this task to a top immigration business plan writing firm like Joorney. The reason? Sustainable growth.

The truth is, working with an external team to get these business plans written frees up time for attracting additional clients. The accelerated growth that results from this new focus far outweighs the cost to outsource.

This is exactly what one of our top immigration lawyer partners found. Here’s how our partnership began and how this relationship led to growth and success.

A Story of Growth and Success

It all started when we reached out to a mid-sized Canadian immigration law firm to see if they needed the support of an immigration business plan writing service. We soon found out that this lawyer was preparing business plans within their firm — in addition to taking care of all the legal aspects of the immigration process! The lawyer was not happy with this scenario. Since the complex and time-consuming process of preparing these business plans was completed within the firm, the lawyer found they had no time to promote their services and find new clients.

The same vicious cycle would occur again and again. The lawyer would be hired by a new client and would focus solely on completing that client’s immigration application. It was impossible to find new clients while working on the cases at hand.

After hearing this, we were certain we could help. We explained the value of our services and the lawyer agreed to give our immigration business plan writing services a try. We began working together on a few projects and the outcome was extremely successful. While the lawyer and their team guided the immigration journey, our professional business plan writers took care of the business plans.

Very quickly the lawyer realized that, even if they could develop these business plans within their firm, outsourcing the work was an investment rather than an expense.

As a result of the partnership with Joorney, the lawyer was able to free up time to make better connections with potential clients. Soon, we started receiving two, three, and even four immigration application requests each month from this lawyer. At Joorney Canada, we wondered what had changed. How did we go from working on just one immigration business plan per month to four!

We asked this question to the lawyer and were very happy to hear what they had to say.

“It’s because of Joorney!” said the lawyer.

Wow, our team thought, how did this growth occur so quickly?

As we had hoped, by freeing up the lawyer’s time, they were able to put new outreach tactics in place. These strategies helped the lawyer and their team capture new clients and reach new business immigration markets.

The lawyer had developed a streamlined process which included assigning us the task of preparing provincial nominee program documents, federal program business plans, confidential information memorandums, bank loan business plans, and other business immigration application documents. As a result of this process, the lawyer and their team were able to focus on bringing in new projects while we prepared these documents.

Over time our partnership continued to grow. Soon we were even able to refer clients of ours back to the lawyer, resulting in accelerated expansion. Not only was this beneficial to the lawyer but also to our clients who required immigration services but did not have a professional to guide them.

Today, this lawyer continues to serve many immigration clients. As we continued to work together, they became one of our closest and most mutually beneficial partners.

The moral of the story?

Often, it is only after years of struggling with the inefficient task of taking on all legal and writing aspects of Canadian immigration applications that immigration lawyers seek assistance. Experiencing results like those in the story above is commonly the tipping point – the lawyer then realizes the benefit of a partnership with professional business plan writers.

But the struggle isn’t necessary. Stories like this showcase the true power of partnership.

Partnering with Joorney Canada

Not only can the team at Joorney Canada help Canadian immigration lawyers grow their business, but our extensive experience also allows us to create expertly crafted immigration business plans that have a higher likelihood of success. Therefore, while this symbiotic relationship benefits lawyers and Joorney, it also helps hopeful immigrants follow their dreams!

As one of Canada’s top immigration business plan writing firms, Joorney Canada is excited to help other businesses and new immigrants succeed. To learn more about our expert business plan writing services, contact us via our website or call 1-888-784-9795.

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