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What if immigration applicants need help knowing what business they want to establish in Canada?

We find that immigration clients tend to fall into one of three categories, and we are able to help at any stage.

  1. No business idea – Many clients know they want to come to Canada and know how much they can invest but don’t know what business they want to start. In this case, we offer our business idea selection service to help them to determine the business idea that is right for them and that has the best chance of being approved. This is meant for PNP or LMIA applicants. Review our Q&A on the business idea selection service for more information.
  2. No market information – Some clients know what they want to do but need more information on how the Canadian market works to be able to properly plan their business. We can assist these clients with our preliminary market research which provides detailed market research and analysis so they can choose the best location and right business model. This increases their chance of application and overall business success.
  3. Client is Ready – Many clients come to us already knowing their business idea, their location, and their overall strategy, have conducted basic market research, and are ready to get to the immigration business plan and start their journey. This is our focus and we’re ready to help, regardless of the immigration program!
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