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Importance of having an Immigration Consultant or Lawyer’s Participation in the Immigration Business Plan Writing Process

There are many business and professional immigration paths in Canada.

There are many business and professional immigration paths in Canada. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), Self-employed Persons Program, and an Intra-company Transfer (ICT) are just a few of the many options. In all cases, a business plan is required or recommended as part of the application process.

Business/Professional Immigration Application Assistance Options

Despite the various paths to choose from and the specificity and technical knowledge required for the applications and the business plan, many applicants decide to go about it alone. Often, if an immigration professional is used, it is to determine which path to follow and to guide the applicant through the immigration process in detail. In better circumstances, applicants work with a registered immigration expert, such as an immigration consultant or lawyer, through the entire process but tackle the business plan on their own. Still, other applicants will hire a professional immigration business plan writer but, not consult an immigration expert. In all these circumstances, applicants are severely hindering their chances of case success.

Applicants that do utilize both immigration experts and business plan writers often approach the two separately. When working with a business plan company without the involvement of a registered immigration professional it is solely on the applicant to communicate the immigration strategy to the business plan writer. As immigration strategies can be very nuanced, vital elements can be lost in translation or key aspects can be left out. This can result in a business plan that does not cohesively tie to the application which, ends up undermining the case.

Even in cases where immigration experts outsource the business plan on behalf of the applicant, the expert is often not involved in the business plan writing process. Worse yet, the business plan can be outsourced to a freelancer who has little to no experience with the immigration application process. Some consultants will have business plans produced in-house but, unless they are utilizing dedicated, experienced immigration business plan writers, they too can produce lackluster business plans.

The Winning Combination: Immigration Strategy and Business Plan Writing Expertise

A business plan, whether for immigration purposes or not, should always be written by an expert. Business plans are highly technical and require a deep understanding of business models. They require knowledgeable experience and analysis of the industry and market. This knowledge allows business plan writers to complete one of the most specialized areas of the business plan, the financials. There is no room for error in financial projections. Numbers that are not fully thought out and supported will immediately invalidate a business plan.

Business plan writing requires a combination of general business acumen, research abilities, financial projection expertise, compelling writing skills, and a knack for storytelling. However, even the best business plan writer will be unable to weave a convincing, engaging business plan if they don’t know the full story that is being told. This is where the need for collaboration between the immigration expert and the business plan writer becomes evident. Both professionals are keenly aware that a successful business immigration case is dependent on the ability to demonstrate the benefits the applicant and their business will bring to the Canadian economy.


The immigration application process can be complicated and long. Investing in the right professionals and ensuring they coordinate their efforts can make or break an application. At Joorney, we can refer applicants to our network of trusted immigration consultants and lawyers. Alternatively, we are happy to coordinate with any professional an applicant chooses to hire. We also work directly with applicants who decide to pursue their applications on their own.

There are various options and, in the end, it’s up to the applicant to decide how to proceed based on their circumstances and budget. However, having the right combination of an immigration professional who works closely with the immigration business plan writer will give an applicant the best chance of securing their desired work permit, visa, or even their path to eventual Canadian citizenship.

Joorney Business Plans Canada Inc. is not a law firm nor an immigration consulting firm and all information provided in this document should not be considered as legal advice or any advice or recommendation on any immigration application program. All information provided in this document should be verified by a licensed or certified immigration professional before the reader can act on this information. As such, it is understood that Joorney Business Plans Canada Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) whether arising in contract, tort, or otherwise, which may arise as a result of your use of (or inability to use) this document, or from your use of (or failure to use) the information on this document.

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