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Indicators of a Return to Normalcy A Review of Canada's November 2020 PNP Results

As the world witnesses the first steps being taken towards global immunization against the novel coronavirus

As the world witnesses the first steps being taken towards global immunization against the novel coronavirus, signs of a slow but promising return to normalcy in Canada are emerging. These indications are evident in a variety of ways, including immigration.

CIC News

According to CIC News, a leading Canadian immigration news source, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) began in 1998. That first year, the program only nominated a mere 200 candidates. Looking ahead, the program seeks to welcome 80,000 immigrants per year. Nearly 4,000 were invited to apply in November alone as immigration ramps back up.

The PNP is an economic immigration initiative that empowers each province to create their own pathways for immigration in alignment with their specific priorities and objectives. They include options for students and businesspeople, as well as semi-skilled and skilled workers, to bring their expertise to Canada. Under the PNP, there are over 80 streams across the 11 participating provinces and territories. Collectively, PNPs are among the country’s most popular and fastest-growing economic immigration options.

Typically, PNPs require candidates to initiate the process by registering their interest – sometimes referred to as an Expression of Interest – through a system that will assign them a specific score based on a number of criteria. Candidates with the highest scores in their particular stream are then invited to officially apply.

PNPs fall into one of two categories: base or express entry. Express Entry, also known as Enhanced PNPs, give provinces the ability to nominate applicants to the federal Express Entry system. This system is designed to encourage and fast-track applications from skilled immigrants who are needed to fill labour market gaps. It allows successful applicants to obtain permanent residency in six months or less.

It’s no wonder that PNP numbers for November are encouraging. In general, the country has a favorable view on immigration. In fact, Canada just announced their intention to welcome record levels of immigrants as part of their effort to get the economy back on track. The PNP streams will contribute greatly to this objective.

Here are some provincial highlights of the November results:

  • British Columbia invited 870 candidates to apply, including 152 specifically for a tech pilot.
  • Ontario invited or issued notifications of interest to 1,169 Express Entry candidates.
  • Ontario reached its intake limit for two programs: Ontario Regional Pilot and the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills.
    • Further applications will not be accepted until 2021 or further notice, respectively.
  • Manitoba invited 401 candidates to apply, including 47 Express Entry candidates.
  • Prince Edward Island invited 254 candidates to apply.
  • Saskatchewan invited 1,083 candidates to apply.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, jointly operating the NLPNP, are creating a new stream for in-demand sectors called Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador.

Many of the PNP programs require a business concept or full business plan. Each province has different programs, scoring mechanisms, and priorities so it is important to work with professionals, like those at Joorney, that have a deep understanding of the various programs. At Joorney, we work directly with applicants or their representative – such as immigration consultants or lawyers – to craft professional, expertly written business concepts or business plans in full alignment with their specific immigration strategy.

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