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Joorney Canada’s Year in Review: 2020 Program Statistics

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We are honored that we continue to be a trusted provider of immigration business plans for our partners.  In 2020, despite the pandemic and restrictions on immigration, we provided 70% more business plans than the prior year.  We’re looking forward to even stronger growth in 2021 as Canada focuses on immigration as a means to economic recovery

Below is our annual exclusive peek into our immigration services delivered in 2020.

Our host of services support the business-planning element of the immigration case.  This includes suggesting the right business idea, evaluating the business concept to maximize scoring, conducting market research, and preparing the business plan that will accompany the application.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Owner Operator Business Plans

In line with 2019, LMIA Owner Operator Business Plans made up just over one third (37%) of our business.  We have seen steady growth in this area, and expect this to remain one of our top services despite recent LMIA changes.   Although the requirements now follow the standard LMIA, the owner operator program remains open and is a viable option in some cases.  Some candidates, according to their eligibility, also have many alternatives such as LMIA-exempt programs like the C11 Entrepreneur Significant Benefit and Intra-company Transferee.

Among other criteria, there are two main requirements for obtaining a positive LMIA under the standard category. The first is that you demonstrate you placed a job advertisement to try to fill the position with a current Canadian resident or citizen. The second is that if hiring a foreign worker is approved, you must pay the foreign worker the prevailing wage in the region for the respective occupation.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Concepts & Business Plans

Our Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) services, which include both PNP business plans and concept evaluation and preparation, contribute to just over one quarter (26%) of our business.

Here is an overview of the breakdown by province:

Joorney Canada’s Year in Review 2020 Program Statistics

British Columbia continues to be the majority of our PNP business at 44% of total PNP projects.  This is followed closely by Ontario at 39%, which overall has seen significant growth (178%) over last year.

The Ontario growth comes as no surprise, as 2020 was the first full year with the reduced investment requirement. In July 2019, it was lowered from $1M CAD to $600K in the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and from $500K to $200K outside the GTA.  It also helps that, led by Toronto, Ontario continues to be the most popular – and populated – location in the country.

Intra-Company Transferee & Self-Employed Visa Business Plans

The Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) & Self-Employed Visa program, combined, account for nearly another quarter (24%) of our business.  This is similar to our breakdown from last year and both programs continue to operate as usual.  However, we may see an increase in both of these for 2021 as hopeful immigrants may seek alternatives to the LMIA owner operator program.

Unparalleled Business Immigration Support

Regardless of the shifts in the favored business immigration programs our clients choose to pursue, we’re prepared to help!  Our team is experienced and well-versed in every business and investor immigration path in Canada.  Whether you need a business plan for your application, or need help with your preliminary market research or choosing the right business idea, we are here to assist you through the process and ensure that you, or your clients, are on the path to immigration case success.

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