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Joorney on the Start-up Visa: Amazing Interviews with Synergy Lab and Spark Centre

Joorney Insights | Synergy Lab and Spark Centre

Canada is known for its friendly business environment, innovative culture, and supportive government programs, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. 

Partnerships and collaborations are essential to achieving professional success in a new environment.

In this article, we will focus on two Canadian organizations that exemplify partnerships and collaborations in supporting the growth and success of entrepreneurs: Synergy Lab and Spark Centre. Synergy Lab is a leading market entry services provider for international start-ups and early-stage growth companies, while Spark Centre is a business innovation hub and incubator designated for the Start-up Visa. These organizations have formed a strong partnership to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, from market entry to business incubation and beyond.

Through their focus on partnership and collaboration, Synergy Lab and Spark Centre have become instrumental in creating a thriving entrepreneurial community in Canada. We will showcase the impact of their partnership and highlight the importance of collaborations in supporting the growth and success of entrepreneurs.

Synergy Lab

Synergy Lab is a lead-in provider of expert guidance and support to international companies looking to enter the Canadian market. It helps people come to Canada and drive their business growth. 

Started from a two-week project to introduce immigration start-ups and young companies to Canada, today Synergy Lab has three more programs with an additional custom version. One of their programs also helps with companies that are already in Canada with training their international members and improving their businesses. 

The versatility of the Synergy Lab team enables them to create programs to help your team (and business) accelerate. The received business coaching and guidance are catered to the settlement in Canada. While building a roadmap, their experts pack start-ups and companies with the knowledge to accelerate business right after the initial launch. 

Spark Centre 

As one of Ontario’s RICs (Regional Innovations Centres), Spark Centre supports innovation entrepreneurs in Durham Region and Northumberland County. 

As a designated organization for the start-up Visa, Spark Centre evaluates business ideas and provides them with a Letter of Support. This is a document that entrepreneurs receive from an authorized institution that positively assesses their business idea and decides to stand behind the applicant’s business. 

Spark Centre also provides early-age start-ups with educational programming, tech and innovation advisory from industry experts, co-working space, access to funding, partners, and more services that help launch, develop, or grow their businesses. 

All the interviews were led by Marianella Manzur, Director of Sales and Marketing at Joorney Global. 

Nova Oliphant

Get to know Synergy Lab and Joorney’s partnership with them through a short interview with Nova Oliphant, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Synergy Lab. Nova explains how Synergy Lab clients get prepared to open a business in Canada. Entrepreneurs finish the program by understanding what their life – professionally and personally – will look like in Canada. 

Synergy Lab provides help for entrepreneurs to come to Ontario as a lead-in provider of expert guidance and support

Michelle Shurland-Jadoo

As the Director of Client Success at Spark Centre, Michelle Shurland-Jadoo explains what Spark Centre as a business incubator hub looks for in aspiring Canadian start-ups interested in Durham region. In this short interview, Michelle introduces us to Spark Centre, their work as designated organization and partnership with Joorney Business Plans. 

Apart from the obligatory Letter of Support, Spark Centre provides business incubator programs and physical offices in Canada. Michelle also shared the requirements for a Letter of Support, reviewed industry trends, and explained why a business plan is important for the application.

Kimia Kebriti

As a business immigrant herself, Kimia Kebriti from Visternet sends a solid message to aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs. Kimia shared the process that entrepreneurs might face when launching a business in a foreign country, paying particular attention to giving more examples of how other countries’ regulations might differ.

Fear didn’t stop her, and it must not stop anyone from achieving their dreams. We stand with you on this one, Kimia! 

Hamid Javadi 

Hamid is our former client, the one we love mentioning as an example of why we do what we do. 

We were able to support Hamid through an immigration business plan for a Start-up Visa. Spark Centre provided him with another SUV requirement – a letter of recommendation from a designated organization. The Synergy Lab team did their magic in preparing Hamid for the Canadian market and business launch. He explained the importance of being introduced to possible partners and collaborators.  

From cooperating with Joorney Business Plans, Synergy Lab, and Spark Centre, Hamid now leads ConsultUp, a Canada-based company that helps start-ups grow to international heights. 

In conclusion, entrepreneurship and business immigration are essential drivers of Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. By leveraging the expertise and resources of organizations like Synergy Lab, Spark Centre, and Visternet, entrepreneurs can turn their visions into reality and contribute to Canada’s innovation ecosystem. 

Thank you Nova, Michelle, Hamid, and Kimia! 

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