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Webinar Recap: The AI Revolution in Business Immigration

On September 13, 2023, we hosted a webinar discussing the ongoing AI revolution and its impact on business immigration. The webinar had two experts in AI in immigration: Zeynab Ziaie, Partner at Visa Law Group and Josh Schachnow, CEO and Co-founder of Visto. In this blog, we’ll summarize the takeaways from the webinar, and you can also rewatch the webinar.

What is AI Exactly?

Recently, ChatGPT has brought AI to the forefront of mainstream attention. But what is AI exactly? According to Zeynab, AI is the use of technology to perform tasks that typically require human cognition. Other terms for AI could be automation, machine learning, or generative AI, such as chatbots.

AI’s Potential for Immigration Firms

How can AI help streamline operations for immigration firms? Josh mentions it can help automate backend tasks such as drafting templates and basic communications. In the future, according to Josh, AI might even take on valuable legal work, freeing up lawyers to concentrate on higher-value activities. Additionally, AI can boost marketing efforts.

Understanding AI Tools Used by Government

The Canadian Government, just like most of us, is also using AI to its advantage. The IRCC and CBSA use tools such as triaging applications, predictive analytics for fraud detection, and the Chinook decision-support system. Zeynab emphasizes the significance of understanding how these AI tools work since they can contain flaws like any AI tool and influence application outcomes.

Practical Applications of AI for Immigration Firms

In the video above, Josh showcases live demos of AI applications featuring ChatGPT to generate emails, blog posts, and social media content calendars. He also shows a demo of his own AI tool, Visto, which automates application preparation. He ends his demo with valuable advice: leverage the power of AI to your advantage, but always add your personal touch.

Predictions for the Future

Zeynab predicts that the government will expand its use of AI in areas such as application processing and litigation analytics. She also emphasized that ethical AI development necessitates obtaining proper permissions and maintaining privacy protections when utilizing data.

Joorney’s Stance on Using AI for Business Plans

Joorney currently does not use AI to prepare business plans because our services require meticulous human expertise, customized business plans, and due to ethical considerations. However, we may use AI for research and improving efficiency in the future when the technology advances and becomes more reliable.

We thank both Zeynab and Josh for sharing their valuable insights and taking the time to explain in detail the AI revolution in business immigration. The end of the webinar includes some intriguing questions asked by attendees. You can watch those and the entire webinar on our YouTube channel or right here below.

Disclaimer: Joorney Business Plans Canada is not an immigration consultant, lawyer, or advisor and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from the use of this information. If you require more information about a program, please contact a registered immigration professional.

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