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The Importance of Selecting the Best Business Opportunity and Business Immigration Program

Canada is a top-choice country in which to start a business.

Canada is a top-choice country in which to start a business. It is also a top immigration choice for foreigners. The country is quite welcoming to entrepreneurial and business-minded immigrants, and this is evidenced by several well-developed business and investor visa programs. These include the Start-Up Visa and the Self-Employed Visa, as well as various entrepreneurial and business paths under each of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

These programs are very desirable, so despite having many options, competition can be high. In order to stand out and secure the best chance of case success, a strong, professional, expertly crafted business plan is a must. However, before beginning the business plan writing process, an applicant needs to be clear on the business concept they wish to develop and the specific immigration path for which they wish to apply.

One downside to the number of visa options is that it can be overwhelming deciding what immigration route is best to follow. Further, not every investor or entrepreneur knows what business they want to invest in or start. While the involvement of an immigration professional such as an immigration lawyer or consultant is always recommended, under these circumstances it becomes paramount.

Below are some of the considerations for applicants to focus on with their desired business and immigration path. These are things for applicants to begin considering on their own, but will be enhanced with the guidance of the immigration professional.


One of the most important factors is for the applicant to consider their background and comfort zone. What are their interests and in what broad area(s) do they have the most experience? It is important they will enjoy what they do but, more importantly, the most compelling business immigration cases clearly demonstrate they are likely to be successful in their endeavors. The best way to prove this is through background, experience, and education, so it is advantageous for applicants to stick to what they know. The immigration professional is then able to advise them on more focused business immigration opportunities that are in alignment.

Province Preference

If an applicant is open to any province, it makes aligning their business background and interests easier as each Provincial Nominee Program has their own priority sectors and specific opportunities. However, some applicants may be set on a specific province. If this is the case, it helps to narrow the options from the beginning. Again, this is where the immigration professional comes in to advise the applicant on the best options for the province.

Investment Amount

Further limiting the options is the amount of money an applicant is able to invest. Different programs require different investment amounts or weigh investment amounts differently. The applicant should know this number going into the process so the immigration professional can assist in identifying the opportunities that are available.

Language Ability

What languages an applicant speaks and how fluently they speak them can also weigh into deciding a location and potential type of business. Language ability, professional experience, and the investment amount, as well as other components, all factor into a point system for many of the immigration programs. Immigration professionals are in the best position to help applicants understand and manage all these interrelated factors in order to apply for the immigration program that makes sense for them while giving them the most likely chance of being approved.

At Joorney Canada, we offer idea selection as part of our advisory services to help applicants figure out what type of business to establish if they have no clear idea. However, only once the applicant has gone away and done their own research, figured out the basic details of their business, and aligned themselves with the most appropriate business immigration path – ideally under the guidance of an immigration professional — should our renowned business plan writing services be deployed.

We are not immigration professionals and our services should not be viewed as a substitute for one. Instead, we work hand-in-hand with immigration consultants and lawyers to deliver the strongest, most cohesive applications possible. Our expert business plans paired with truly strategic immigration plans give applicants the best chance at receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) and obtaining their Canadian visa.

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