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Webinar Recap: Unlocking Business Immigration Strategies When All Else Fails! - C10 Significant Benefit Work Permits

We had a special opportunity at the end of November to spend time with special guest Mark Holthe and discuss different aspects of the C10 program during a very interesting and informative webinar. 

Mark Holthe is experienced in assisting clients with all aspects of Canadian immigration law. He’s the founder of Holthe Immigration Law and Chief Inspirational Officer at The Canadian Immigration Institute, and he hosts a weekly Canadian Immigration Live Q&A on his YouTube Channel

During his extensive experience working for the Canadian government and as an immigration professional, Mark has had an opportunity to see how the C10 program works up close and use his expertise to assist many aspiring entrepreneurs in gaining access to the Canadian market. 

We’ve put together some of the highlights of the conversation with Mark below, along with the matching audio clips. You can watch the full presentation at the bottom of the page.

What is the C10 all about, and how can it be used? 

We start with the basics and a look at the role the C10 program plays in the larger picture of Canada’s business immigration strategy. Mark takes particular care to clarify the role of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and how the C10 is not meant as a way to circumvent LMIA requirements.

Eligibility criteria for the C10

Next, the conversation turns to the specific criteria used to evaluate eligibility for the C10 visa. Mark makes it clear that, while the general rules of eligibility provide guidelines, there is still a lot of room for subjective judgment when issuing C10 visas, especially from immigration officers at points of entry.

What’s different about the C10? 

The C10 is one of many different business immigration visas that exist in the Canadian immigration ecosystem. In this section, we discuss what makes the C10 unique, how it differs from other programs, and how its broad-based role creates opportunities for entrepreneurs that may not exist under other visa programs.

What kinds of business proposals match the C10 (and which don’t)?

Certain business ventures are well-suited to the purpose of the C10 visa, and others are not. This part of the discussion focuses on the kinds of projects that have a better chance of success with the C10 and those that don’t. Mark emphasizes the duration of the project and how that can influence how the application is considered.

C10 success stories

Mark shares some stories about the many ways C10 applicants can succeed and the different factors that contributed to their success. These anecdotes illustrate the fact that there is no one standard path that C10 applications take and gaining approval can be a matter of combining several different factors together.

Tips for C10 applicants

Mark’s time spent dealing with C10 applicants both as an Immigration officer and as a consultant have allowed him to gain special insights into what factors can help an applicant gain approval, and he shares some of them in this part of the webinar.

Question & Answer time

We always save time to answer as many questions as possible after the main part of our webinars come to a close, and this time is no exception. Mark takes a number of questions on the C10, including several topics not covered earlier in the conversation.

We thank Mark once again for sharing his valuable insights and taking the time to join our webinar. You can watch the complete webinar on our YouTube channel or right here on this page.

Disclaimer: Joorney Business Plans Canada is not an immigration consultant, lawyer, or advisor and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from the use of this information. If you require more information about a program, please contact a registered immigration professional.

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