BC Business Plan | BC PNP Regional Pilot Business Plan
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An expertly written Business Plan is crucial in securing a community referral.

British Columbia BC PNP – Regional Pilot Visa Business Plan

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) - Regional Pilot Visa Business Plan

Immigrants wishing to establish a new business in British Columbia can apply for the British Columbia BC PNP Regional Pilot program.  The principle is for the international entrepreneur to settle in small communities outside larger cities and fill a need in specific industries.


The application for the BC PNP Regional Pilot program must be accompanied by a referral from an enrolled BC community. These communities have different priority sectors and their own process for issuing a referral to the applicant. However, communities ask that a business plan or business proposal be submitted during the referral request to show the applicant knows about the community’s priority industries, understand the intricacies of the local market environment and demonstrate the financial viability of the project.

In order to increase the potential for success, the BC PNP Regional Pilot business plan must adhere to a specific format and be written in a convincing, believable manner. Many businesses are submitted every year, but even a fantastic proposal could be denied as a result of a poor-quality business plan.

As an applicant to the British Columbia PNP program, you must present a premium business document. Don’t leave anything to chance; you can count on the expertise of our professional team of business plan writers to make your application stand out and convince community representatives and immigration officers.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the most out of your application.

 British Columbia BC PNP Visa Business Details

Price: C$2,200
Days until first Draft: 7 – 10 days
Number of pages: Depending on Community Requirements




  • Depending on Community Requirements

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British Columbia BC PNP Regional Pilot Visa Business Plan

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