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How does the Business Idea Selection service work?

In order to come up with the best ideas for the candidate, we follow a 5-step process. This is a brief description of each step. More detailed information is provided in the questions and answers below.

Step 1 – Gathering Information – In addition to the applicant’s resume, we provide a thorough questionnaire to gather further information to fully understand the applicant’s background, interests, business immigration path, and investment amount.

Step 2 – Brainstorming Session – We prepare a long list of roughly 15-20 business ideas based on the initial information provided and meet with the applicant to narrow this list down to about 5 ideas.

Step 3 – Research & Evaluation – We conduct market research and thoroughly evaluate the top five ideas to determine the best 1-2 ideas.

Step 4 – Business Idea Selection Report – We prepare and provide a written report with our top recommendations, including the data that led us to those decisions.

Step 5 – Decision – The client makes the final decision of which business idea to pursue.

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