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What is the usual process of developing a business plan?

After the initial screening to establish which business plan you need, we send the contract and invoice and then proceed to follow a five-step process:

  1. Questionnaire – We send a detailed questionnaire tailored to the specific type of business plan. This includes questions about the details of the business, the business model, and the business strategy. We will also request copies of other pertinent documents like their resume/CV, lease agreements, partnership contracts, etc.
  2. Review – A project manager is assigned and reviews the questionnaire to confirm we have what we need and, if necessary, follows up for additional information.
  3. Writing – The business plan is then written (7-10 days for most visa types) and the first draft is submitted.
  4. Revisions – We revise the plan until it meets your expectations. We offer unlimited revisions on most visa types.
  5. Deliver – After the content is approved, the plan is sent for final proofreading and design, and then the final product is delivered.
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