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Financial Model

An essential step in determining the viability of a venture or initiative is to build a financial model.


A financial model is used to quantitatively project real life business scenarios, the results of which can range from determining how much capital to raise for a particular venture to defining a suitable valuation range to sell your company or acquire another one.


Building an effective financial model for your business plan is vital and helps determine the economic viability of your business model. Investors are keen to model different scenarios for your business or idea. Modeling scenarios such as, “What will happen to cash flow if sales increase or decrease by 10%?” are critical to potential investors, and the financial model is the tool that helps them obtain a view on this and a multitude of other scenarios.


We are experts at financial modeling and in efficiently quantifying your business model. Our professional consultants bring significant experience from demanding investment banking positions and have consulted across a wide variety of industries working with different financial structures.

Financial Model Details


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Our financial models will help answer critical questions such as

(but not limited to):


  • How much capital will be required for investment
  • Projected sales growth and cash flows
  • What are your expenses and their associated costs
  • A valuation range for your venture or business
  • Appropriate capital structure (equity, debt, hybrid, etc.)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR), Net present value (NPV)

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Consulting Services

Our objective as a business consulting firm is to help entrepreneurs and their companies achieve goals by leveraging vision. Unlike other more typical management consulting firms, we are a leading business plan specialist. It gives us an edge in providing the best consulting services.


– We do not use software or templates to write business plans. Our expert business consultants are highly skilled at comprehending, appreciating, and understanding the entrepreneur’s vision to tailor a business plan to exact needs. These skills are invaluable for our clients that consider us their closest partner on their project.


– We consult with more than 1200 businesses per year. As a result, we have tremendous experience in various industries and different markets.


– Our expert team of professional and experienced business consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and have prestigious degrees as well as investment banking and entrepreneurial experience.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us and one of our consultants will be in touch with you immediately.



“We offer services, built on trust. In this competitive and fast moving world when people share their most valuable business information with us, they trust their ideas/clients will get the support they need to move forward  reach the desired destination on their personal and professional journey. We support and respect people who move forward and make the necessary effort to develop themselves and their companies.”