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Business Plans Writing Services

Fixed price:C$1,800

Days until first draft:7-10 days

Number of pages:Following BCPNP Guidelines

Rush Services Available


  • Assessment of Applicant’s Profile
  • Multilingual Team
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Personalized Business Plan
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British Columbia BCPNP Business Concept

The British Columbia (BC) Business Concept accounts for 40% of your initial BC PNP registration.
Your registration must score highly enough to be invited to apply.
Our Assessment & Business Concept service will help you maximize your overall score and prepare a strong business concept.


  • Proposed Ownership Percentage
  • Location of Business
  • Description of Business
  • Good and Services the Business Will Provide
  • Business Operations of Proposed Business
  • NAICS of Proposed Business
  • Applicant’s Proposed Job Title
  • NOC of Proposed Job
  • Business Viability under the Applicant’s Direction
  • Staffing Requirement
  • Target Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Personal Investment

British Columbia BCPNP Business Concept Business Plan Writing Details

When registering for a British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Stream, you will be required to submit a business concept along with a self-assessment. Each section is scored separately, with a maximum total score of 200 points available. The highest scoring applicants are those invited to officially apply, so it vital to maximize your score.

Our Assessment & Business Concept service is a two-step process to help you increase your score.
1. Assessment – We conduct an evaluation and summary of each criteria and suggestions on how to maximize score.
2. Business Concept – After you – or your immigration consultant – confirm the approach you wish to take we will prepare your business concept in a ready-to-submit format fully aligned with BCs requirements.

A successful immigration case under the BC PNP begins with a maximized business concept. Our business and immigration professionals have extensive experience preparing business concepts and business plans leading to hundreds of approved immigration cases.

Learn How the BC PNP Concept is Scored

Your score is based on self-declared information as well as your business concept. Start by understanding the full scoring criteria.

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British Columbia BCPNP Business Concept Business Plan Writing Details
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