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Market Reseach Services

Starting priceC$5,000

Days until first draft: 10 – 15 days

Number of pages:30 – 60 pages

Rush Services Available


  • Multilingual Team
  • Market/Industry Information
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Program Expertise

Premium Preliminary Market Research

Having a great business idea is only the start of your business immigration journey.
Successful business immigration cases begin with a thorough understanding of the national and local business landscape.
Our premium preliminary research & assessment will ensure you set your B2B or service business on the right path.


  • Overall Information About the Industry
  • Business Model Suggestions (2-3)
    • Products & Services
    • Hiring Plan
    • Sales & Strategy
    • Main Investment for the Business
  • Distribution Channels
  • Location Analysis
  • Target Clients
  • Competition Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Potential Suppliers

Premium Preliminary Market Research

As a business immigration applicant, you may know what business you want to apply with but, need more information about the market, the competition, the location, personnel, pricing and more. Properly gathering and interpreting this information can be one of the more difficult aspects of planning a business abroad for hopeful immigrants. However, this is a pivotal step that can make or break your business idea.

Our premium preliminary market research is intended for business-to-business (B2B) products & service-based industries. We use both quantitative and qualitative market research methods to provide you with a report that will give you a complete overview – along with our expert business model suggestions – of your industry, location, and target market.

Our team of market researchers and business experts are standing by to facilitate the gathering and interpretation of this valuable information allowing you to prepare the strongest possible business concept or business plan for your immigration case.

Not a B2B Business? Check out our Basic Service.

Our basic service is meant for retail businesses, restaurants, and other similar business-to-consumer (B2C) companies.

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Premium Preliminary Market Research

Premium Preliminary Research and Assessment Samples

Premium Preliminary Market Research Computer Systems
Computer Systems Design
View Premium Preliminary Market Research Sample for Computer Systems Design

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