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(MPNP-B) Visa Business Plan

Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway Visa Business Plan

Business immigrants who wish to establish themselves in Manitoba can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway (MPNP-BIS-ENP).  This program aims to attract experienced, entrepreneurs and managers who wish to own or start a business in Manitoba.MPNP sets itself apart from other provincial business immigration programs by providing a pathway to permanent residency for successful applicants.  Most other programs offer temporary residence provisions, and as such, this program is highly competitive.

The updated program of 2018 requires the applicant to submit a Business Concept along with the Self-assessment Form as part of the Expression of Interest. Its purpose is to explain the results of the explanatory visit and provide details of the findings in a concise way. Indeed, the difficulty of this Concept is to convince using a limited amount of words (250 words per question) while providing key data about the market.

Our expert team of business plan writers has great experience in writing such concise documents and have access to specific market databases such Statista and IBISWorld.

Once the candidate is invited to apply, he or she must submit a business plan as a supporting document to the application. The business plan must be in line with the Business Concept and show in greater details how the business will operate.

Our professional consultant team has helped many candidates around the world in a successful application of their PNP.

Trust the expertise of our team of business plan writers and optimize your chances by providing a first-class business concept and plan to your application.

Manitoba Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (MPNP FSRI) Visa Business Plan

Immigrant farmers wishing to establish themselves in Manitoba can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (MPNP FSRI). This program aims to attract experienced individuals to strengthen the farming industry of the province.


This rural initiative falls under the authority of the MPNP for Business and is thus a pathway to permanent residency.

We can provide the best supporting documents for your application that will grant you the visa. Trust the expertise of a leader.

Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

View Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

Days until first Draft: 7 – 10 days
Number of pages: 25 – 35 pages




  • Executive Summary
  • Busness Profile
  • Market Profile
  • General Resource Requirement
  • Human Resource Requirement
  • Financial Resource Requirement
  • Critical Risk Factors
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Financials (3 years)

Business Concept Details

Price: C$1,800
Days until first Draft: 7 – 10 days
Following MPNP Guidelines



  1. Describe the business opportunity you have identified in Manitoba.
  2. Describe the research you undertook that convinced you this was a viable business opportunity in Manitoba.
  3. Describe how your background, training, and experience will help you be successful in developing this business opportunity.
  4. Describe your intended investment and your financial position.
  5. Describe how you will market your products.
  6. Identify critical resource requirements.
  7. Describe your implementation timelines.
  8. Describe critical risk factors.
  9. Describe additional research required.
  10. Describe how your business would benefit Manitoba.

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Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

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