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Meet deadlines and increase your client base

Referral Partner Program

Become a part of our ever-growing partner program.
Join over 900 others who have built a mutually beneficial partnership with Joorney.
Our writers and analysts are skilled and trained to provide an efficient outsourced solution for your clients’ needs. We specialize in a range of business plans including investor business plans, business plans for immigration purposes, including LMIA Owner Operator, Start-Up Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, ICT, Self-Employed, Bank Loan or investor plans, market research or feasibility business plans, and landlord presentations.
We are here for you - Joorney
  • Prices: Flat Fees for all of our business plans
  • Payment Terms:Full payment upfront for a smoother and simpler process.
  • Volume Discounts:We can, at the wish of the partner, provide up to a 10% discount on our price when we work on a minimum of 3 business plans per month together.
  • Turnaround time: Delivery of the first draft is 7-10 business days (after receiving our questionnaire). We can provide Rush Service in 3-5 business days for an extra fee.

How To Work With Us

Outsourcing vs. Referrals?

The structure of your partnership with joorney is up to you.

We currently have two different models by which we partner with business brokers:

Outsourcing Model

Joorney Outsourcing model - How To Work With Us

Like a ghost writer, the Joorney team will interact only with your firm, and clients will never know that they are working with our services. We will communicate internally with your company, but interfacing with the client will continue to be handled by your firm

Referral Model

Joorney Referral model - How To Work With Us

Your clients work directly with Joorney, who will handle all aspects of the business plan process and communicate directly with the clients.

Mix Model

Joorney Mix model - How To Work With Us

Some clients like to price the business plan as part of the package but disclose openly that we are handling the business plan. In that case we handle the project management with the client directly and settle the administrative parts with you.

Immigration Lawyers And Consultants

Become a part of our ever-growing partner program. Join over 900 others who have built a mutually beneficial partnership with Joorney.

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Venture Capitalists/ Angel Investors

If you are a M&A Advisors with a team of 3-10 M&A Advisor, we are the perfect solution for you. Outsource CIMs, Pitch Desks and Financial Models

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Join over 500 others who have built a mutually beneficial partnership with Joorney.

Financial Business Advisors

We have worked on hundreds of Franchise plans Franchise Business Plan with Franchisors as well as their Franchisees!

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M&A Advisors

Our services bring four clear advantages to business brokers: Speeds Up Processes, Attract Buyers and Hook Sellers, Referral Commission, Dedicated Project Managers

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Business Brokers

Become a part of our ever-growing partner program. Join over 900 others who have built a mutually beneficial partnership with Joorney.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Joorney Partner

By partnering with Joorney, you’ll receive a built-in professional partner that’s dedicated to supporting your growth through stellar service for your clients. A core component of our business model is supporting the growth of our 900+ partners.

Joorney Solves Reliability Issues By Having A Real, Established Company.
We operate with absolute professionalism and serve as a real support partner across all of your and your clients’ business plan needs. This eliminates the need for multiple counterparties being involved in the process.
We uniquely adapt our workflow to each partner’s established working process in terms of our communication format, both with the partner and with their clients.
Additionally, we readily provide customization based on our partner’s needs:
  • If they need special formatting – we do it!
  • If they need an additional section in the plan – we do it!
  • If they need job descriptions to be in bullet points – we do it!
  • If they need us to talk to them before we finalize the plan, or if they want us to join a conference call with their client – we do it!
Verified Process
We Pride Ourselves On Above Board Customer Service At Every Turn. We Work Fast And Respond Quickly.
  • RUSH SERVICE: 3-5 business days
  • REGULAR SERVICE: 7-10 business days (the fastest in the industry!)
  • Email response time: same day
  • Rush requests addressed as expediently as possible
We Are Not Attorneys Nor Do We Play Them On Tv!
Therefore, We Never Get Involved On The Legal Side But Instead Have Built-in Processes For Addressing Legal Issues.
  • We have a red, orange and green flag system that allows us to redirect critical information from our business plan writing team back to our attorney partners so that they stay informed on if, or how far away from, the client is on understanding the reality of the visa process.
  • Our Project Managers always make sure any legal question are relayed to our attorney partners and they never even attempt to answer them. It’s time consuming and frustrating, but staying HUMBLE is what makes us the best partners.
We Are Humble, Full Of Integrity, And Always Behave Like Professionals.
  •  Our partners and their clients are always right.
  •  We try to learn from every mistake and make ourselves better.
  •  We have truly pushed the boundaries of customer service to its finest form.
Our Breadth Of Experience And Knowledge Allows Our Service Offerings To Be Flexible Without Any Degradation Of Quality.
  • We can cater to investor business plans as seamlessly as Visa business plans. We flex our versatility by accepting all partner requests with custom solutions. The above-board quality of our team and resources means that the quality we provide never decreases, even as the workload increases.
Outsource Solution
Our Team Is Diverse, Multicultural, And Multilingual. We Manage Projects In Many Different Languages.
From sales to business plans, we can handle communications in the following languages:
  •  English;
  •  Spanish;
  •  French;
  •  Portuguese;
  •  Chinese;
  •  Russian;
  •  Hindi;
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