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How do we partner with consultants and lawyers?

Our partnership opportunities come in three different forms:

Outsourcing Partner – As an outsourcing partner we serve as part of your internal team. Typically, the consultant or lawyer includes the business plan as part of their package, and all communication – including the contract and invoice – go through the partner. We do not have direct communication with the client and can even provide the questionnaire and other documents with your logo and branding.

Back Office Preferred Partner – In this scenario we work directly with the client but the contract and invoicing goes through the partner. We serve as the back office like in the outsourcing option, but in this case we do deal directly with the client instead of all communication going through the partner.

Referral Partner – Some partners just make an introduction or refer their client to us and we work directly with the client. This includes directly invoicing the client. Once we receive the questionnaire and get started on the business plan, we involve the partner to make sure we have the legal insight and align the business plan to the overall immigration strategy.

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