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Like most people today Kay and I have previous experience of writing business plans. What we were rather naieve about was just how different this process is when applying for American Immigration.

Joorney as a team were professional and effective communicators from beginning to end. At outset the flat fee policy seemed a little scary as we did not know their reputation. I have to say that policy has been more than worth it. It has offered peace of mind to know the limit of the financial expense. Joorney custom write these proposal / business plans bespoke to your application – it is not simply a base template with a few alterations.

Kay and I were also impressed at how much our immigration lawyer liked this service, because the business plan was objective and Tina did not know our business – she had to totally understand it first. This helped us better understand what we needed and improved the fidelity of our message – which also saved us money. The lack of ambiguity and the decisive motivated approach Tina adopted literally meant our lawyer had less to understand or collate.

Great people to deal with and a fair approach to business – I would be happy to recommend this service and discuss further.

Best Wishes

Garry Godfrey

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